Best Things you can do on the Morning of Your Exam

We will be discussing some of the Best things you can do on the Morning of Your Exam. During the exam, the student has to face much pressure doing the whole day and on the day of the exam what the student is doing in the morning has a great impact on the result of the student that exam. This article will guide you about the various best thing the student can do on the morning of the exam. 

Best Things You Can Do On The Morning of Your Exam

The following are some various tips that the student should follow on the morning of the exam:

  • Listen to music. 
  • Wake up early.
  • eat a large breakfast. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes. 
  • Check that you have all the equipment for the exam.
  • Look over the completed past paper. 
  • Go to the toilet..
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks.
  • Recap flashcards and look over the notes. 
  • stop looking over the note. 
  • Recheck the time and venue for the examination. 
  • Avoid getting into arguments. 

Listen to music

There are a lot of students who listen to music while revising. This is a good option for revising the exam. There is always a song that is being played while revising by the student so in the morning the student should play that song and the brain will remember the concept that they have learned before while revising.

Wake up early

During the exam day, the student should wake up early in the morning so that they get an hour or 2 or extra time for preparing for their exam. As the student gets extra time and this extra time matters a lot in the exams so the student should do the division with the right technique in this extra time in the morning.

Eat a large breakfast

Before leaving the house for giving the exam the student should not go with an empty stomach. As it will let the student deal with recalling problems of the information and due to which the student will have lack of concentration on the exam. The student will also be distracted by the sound produced by an empty stomach. The student should go to the exam with filling and healthy food. 

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Wear comfortable clothes

If the student is going to give an exam of GCSE then they do not have to deal with the problem of wearing comfortable clothes as they have to go to the exam wearing the uniform but the student at the university level mostly deals with the problem of the discomfort of clothes. The student should always try to wear some comfortable clothes. The student should wear clothes which they can easily take off and take on. As if they are wearing a t-shirt and a jacket when it is too cold and if the exam room is too hot they can take off the jacket and be comfortable.

Check the equipment for the exam

Students should be ready and prepare themselves with all the equipment they need for the exam in the morning. They should not waste their time looking for a pen, pencil, etc for the exam. The student should check that they have all the required equipment before they are living for the exam and also make sure that they should test every piece of equipment that they are going to use in the exam.

Look over the complete past papers

Students should look into the past paper as there are many questions in the exam that will be similar to the questions that are asked in the past paper. By going through the past paper in the morning the student will be able to see the format question paper. If a student spends 10 to 20 minutes looking at the past paper they shouldn’t feel more confident and comfortable giving the exam. 

Go to the toilet as much as possible

During the exam, there is enough time given to the student but the student has in mind not to waste a single minute in the exam. if a student is going to the toilet again and again or has a brain blank will waste their time in the exam so in the morning of the exam the student should go to the toilet as much as possible so that they do not feel like going to washroom or toilet during the exam.


The morning hours of the exam day are the quality of the time the student has. And they should try to spend this quality of time doing a revision of the exam, going through the past papers, and double checking the equipment that they have been going to use in the exam. They should not get hyper during the starting hours of the exam. Instead, they can revise the flashcards that they have prepared in their mind which will relax their brain before going to the exam.


What should a student do 5 minutes before an exam? 

The student should take deep breaths, relax their mind and stay focused. 

Should the student take shower before an exam? 

The student should take shower before the exam as they will feel clean, fresh, and happy when they go to give the exam.

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