10 Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn

This article will acknowledge readers about some of the Easiest Musical Instruments to learn. There are many people who want to learn how to play musical instruments but they think that it is hard to learn and requires practice but this is not the case if the person learns to have the dedication to learning there are many easy instruments that can be learned within a few weeks. This article will guide you through the 10 easiest musical instruments to learn.

10 Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn

The following are the instruments that can be learned easily by the person within a few weeks but the person needs to have the dedication to the learning.

  1. Ukulele.
  2. Harmonica.
  3. Cajon.
  4. Keyboard/piano.
  5. Acoustic guitar.
  6. Bass guitar.
  7. Saxophone.
  8. Drums.
  9. Tin whistle.
  10. Flute.


The ukulele is considered to be a tiny version of the guitar that consists of 4 strings as the guitar consists of 6 strings making the ukulele less complicated to play. If a person wants to learn and finds it tough to learn it they can start learning the basics of the guitar by learning and playing ukulele first as the skills which are learned while playing ukulele can be easily used while learning the guitar. The fewer strings on the ukulele make it easy for the person to learn and pick up the rhythm easily. The size of the ukulele makes it easy to carry and can be practiced anywhere when the person is free.


A person who is a beginner and is getting into the field of music can start by learning harmonica as it provides all skill levels and the built-in notes are in a way that hitting a bad note and producing bad sounds is quite difficult. The harmonica is easy to take with you due to the small size of the instrument. The harmonica is played by creating different sounds with the use of breathing in and breathing out. the player has to hold the instrument in their hand and place it in the mouth so that notes are produced.

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Cajon is an instrument that is box-shaped and hollow inside the box. it looks similar to a drum on which the player needs to strike it on the surface of the drum for producing high or low notes. the Cajon is now updated and it has strings inside the drum for producing different notes. Cajon is easy to carry as it has a box shape. it’s played by the use of hands, palms, and fingertips to strike it on the surface of the Cajon to produce notes.


A piano consists of 88 keys and a keyboard consists of 49 keys. keyboard keys are arranged in a way that is similar to the keyboard piano. The keyboard is better in case of occupying the space as a piano occupies more space than a keyboard. Playing a piano or keyboard is easy when it is learning by reading the notes and playing when the keys are in front of you. It is easy to learn for the beginner as it can be learned within a few days when compared to others as they take a long time to master.

Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is easy to play for adults as the size of the guitar is difficult to handle for children. The learner can start the learning by basic scales or they can directly jump into chord progressions. The guitar can be learned quickly when it has been learned by reading the scales and music theory rather than memorizing it. It is much easier to learn for the player who has long fingers. It can be learned easily by taking a number of online courses and videos.

Bass Guitar

Bass guitars are an addition to acoustic guitars as they are larger and heavier. They have hard strings which make it difficult for the child to play. It consists of 4 strings which makes it easy to learn the chords. If a person is interested to join a music band then they can easily learn the bass guitar and join a band as a bass guitar player is needed by the band.


It is one of the easiest jazz instruments to learn. as the person just needs to sometimes finger on the correct keys for playing a note. Practicing the saxophone for half an hour will make the person learn all the notes easily.


Learning the drums much more depends on the natural musical ability of the person. If the person is used to drumming on the legs while hearing the rhythm while driving, that person does have more chances to learn quickly and they will pick up in no time.

Tin Whistle

Tin whistles are long in shape and have 6 holes that are covered by the finger for playing different notes. The practice is needed for how hard it is to blow a whistle so that proper notes are taken as learning the hand technique is much easier. Many tricks can be learned by playing the tin whistle like covering the bottom of the whistle and blowing it harder to change the notes. as the time whistle can easily be carried from one place to another it makes it easy to learn by the learner when they are free.


The flute is an instrument that looks like it is difficult to play but it can be easily learned when it has been practiced continuously and the person has the dedication to learn it. To master the flute the person needs to learn breathing control properly. The player who starts learning the flute will find it difficult to control their breathing but after some practice, they will easily be able to place the note and pick it up quickly.


A person who is interested in learning music can easily learn these instruments. age doesn’t matter in learning music as the basics of the instrument can be learned easily by the beginner, whether they are a child or an adult.

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