How many hours a day should you revise for A-Levels?

How many hours a day should you revise for A-Levels? A-levels are the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Examinations that are being conducted by the United Kingdom which is known as a-level. Basically, they are the exam that the student gives after giving the a-level exam organization lets know about the student’s level of education, and how good they are in their studies. so the student should get a good grade on the exam. This article will guide you on how many hours a day you should revise for A-levels exams.

How Many Hours A Day Should You Revise For A-Levels?

The revising time depends on the weeks left until the exam and not all the students study the same. there are many conflicts on it but mostly said approximately it ranges from half an hour over seven hours per day. the following are some different theories that give different views about the learning hours a student should give to revise A-levels:

  • Revising around 15-20 hours per week:
  • Revise No More than an Hour per Subject per Week:

Revising  for 15-20 hours per week

According to the survey made there were few students who began to revise for the exam around 2 months in advance and approximately for 15 hours or more a week. Some say revising hours for the exams depends on the days left for the exam. Some say spending around  5-6 hours per subject each week.

Do not revise for More than an Hour per Subject per Week

Some reports say that the student should not revise for more than an hour per subject per week. They can also set the timer for 25 minutes and in that 25 minutes the student should focus on the scheduled subject and after that, they can relax for 5 minutes. Relaxing does not mean that the student should watch tv or play on the phone instead of that they should go to breathe fresh air.

How Many Hours Of Daily A-Level Revision Is Too Much?

If a student tries to learn anything for above 4 hours it will automatically affect the mental capacity of the student and that leads to a lack of concentration. the student will start to lose focus if they are revising something for a long time. Also, they will not be able to pay attention and nothing will remain in their brain. Hence in the end every effort made by them will go to waste. So, the student should not sit and revise for above 4 hours as by doing this they are not going to remember anything and focus on the work that will lead the student to not get good marks in the exam.

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Can Revising For Too Long Even Be Bad? 

The revising hours for the exam above 4 hours can lead the student to have bad outcomes. although A-level exams are tough to get a good score. This does not mean that the student learns for the exam to their last level after which the brain strains and the student will also not be able to memorize.

As long as the student revises for the exam the less efficient and less information will remain in the mind of the student. if the student studies for an extreme amount of time that will result in making the student getting tired. The best way to revise for the A-level exam is that the student should study for the right amount of time. As they revise the exam by managing the time well, in the end, it will result in a successful exam.

What Days Should You Revise On? 

The student who is revising every day is beneficial and also has many disadvantages.

If the student is revising every day then the revision should be intensive so at the end days left for the exams the student has to only revise for a short period. but if the revision is done by the student every day it may feel sometimes boring and tiring. as the student will not get any time to relax and which results in building lack of motivation toward the revision which results in not a good score in the exam. To solve this the student can revise on the weekdays and they can break on the weekend which will not make the student get bored and tired. they will feel refreshed and motivated next week.


The A-level exam is a tough exam and to get a good score the student needs to revise a lot. But they should organize the revision that helps them to revise the subjects in an easy way and effectively. the student should start to revise the exam approximately 7 weeks before it. As they will have much time and days to revise it properly and get perfect knowledge about the exam. if the student does not start to prepare for the exam within 7 weeks they will be Underprepared and if the student starts the preparation before 7 weeks they will not be able to keep the memory and forget the content.


Is 2 hours of revision a day enough?

The student should revise for at least 1 or 2 hours a day and should take a break in between it.

How late is too late to revise for the A-level exam?

When the student starts to revise for 2 weeks before the A-level exam can be considered too late to revise for the A-level exams.

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