How to add audio to PowerPoint?

How to add audio to PowerPoint? PowerPoint presentations are the way to represent your ideas. Presentations help to showcase your creativity to others. Though presentations are the visual representation of your ideas, it becomes extremely important that you must add audio explaining your ideas. Adding up the audio helps to understand your presentation more easily. Let us learn how can we add up the audio in the PowerPoint presentations.

How to add audio to PowerPoint?

There are several different ways by which you can add audio to the PowerPoint. Following are the two different ways by which you can add audio to your PowerPoint presentation-

By recording the audio

You will need to open up the power point and on the toolbar click on the insert and then click on the audio. After that click on the recorded audio option to start the recording. A record sound window will appear with a name box in it. Just enter the name of the recorded audio in it. Select the recording button once you are ready to record the video. When you are done with recording, you can press the stop button. Click on the play option to play the audio. When you are ok with the video, tap on the ok option to insert the recorded audio.

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By adding up the external audio

Instead of directly recording the audio in PowerPoint, you can import external audio files into a presentation. You must use an audio file format that is supported, such as MP3, MID, and WAV. You must convert the audio to MP3 or another compatible format if it is in a different format.

To add up the external audio you will need to select the slide in which you need to add the audio. Now again tap on the insert option and then the audio option. Here you will see an option for the “Audio on the PC”, tap on it. Now select the song you want to enter and click on the insert option. Your audio will be added to the respective slide.

How to add a video to the PowerPoint?

To add the videos in the PowerPoint, there are again 2 types of methods-

By adding the video from the PC

When you add the video from your PC it increases the size of your presentation. For this, follow the following steps-

  • Select the slide on which you want to add your video.
  • Now on your insert tab, click on the arrow below the video option.
  • Select the video on my pc option.
  • An insert my video option will occur on the screen, select the video you want to enter in your slide.
  • Now click on the insert option. Your video will be entered into your presentation.

By adding the link to the video

Another way of inserting the video in the PowerPoint is by adding up the link of the video. To add the video with the help of its link you will need to follow some basic steps-

Again select the slide in which you need to enter the video. 

Click on the insert tab and again select the arrow below the video option.

Tap on the video on my pc option. An insert video box will open. Click on the down arrow at the side of the insert and then on the link to file. 

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How to change the playback settings for the PowerPoint audio?

For audio that has been recorded or inserted, PowerPoint offers several playback options. You can set your audio to automatically play on one or all of your presentation’s slides. You must use the Audio Tools menu on the ribbon bar to enable the file to play automatically or repeatedly.

To view this, choose the audio file you just inserted and click the Playback tab. When the slide is shown during your presentation, click to enable the Loop until Stopped checkbox to loop the audio. Click to enable the Play across Slides checkbox if you want your audio file to play on all of your slides. 

Additionally, you can choose how your audio file will start playing. This is by default set to be In Click Sequence. To have the audio file start playing immediately, select Automatically. Alternately, select When Clicked On to have it start playing only when the icon is clicked.

The Play in Background audio style button is another option. This will simultaneously alter several audio settings for your file. This makes your file a good option for background music because it enables automatic playback, playback looping, and also hiding of the speaker icon. If necessary, you can choose the No Style check box to delete all of your file’s audio settings.

Why your audio is not being played properly?

There may be different reasons why your audio may not be played properly. Most people do not know how to add the audio and they do not add it properly. Follow the steps that have already been discussed with you to add the audio in the empower point. To play the audio properly the audio must be inserted properly.

The next reason why the audio is not being played properly is the format of the video. Your audio must be in MP3, WAV, and MID format, to get inserted in the PowerPoint. Many times it is seen that the people have the right format of the audio and they have inserted it properly. However, the audio is not audible. The simple reason for that is the speaker of the computer is turned off. 


When you are making presentations on your PowerPoint it is important to add the required audio or video in it. It becomes extremely important when you are sending the presentation to someone. Adding up the audio will help the person to understand what you have added in the presentations and will show its significance. There are mainly two different options which are by recording or by adding external audio to the presentation. This article helps you to know how to add them to your presentation.  

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