How to skip through online training videos?

How to skip through online training videos? Some videos will help you to learn new tasks. These videos are known as training videos. Watching these videos may be sometimes boring especially when you already knew how to perform that particular task. Thus you will need to know how to skip those training videos. This article will help you to know more about how you can skip those videos.

What is a training video?

A training video delivers useful information. Most of you have looked to YouTube for quick guidance when you are unsure of how to perform a new task properly. You can gain some important knowledge through training films that have been researched, and presented by others. Training Videos are a  quick approach to learning anything new. 

How to skip through online training videos on your laptop in different media players?

To know how you can make the video play faster so that you can skip the training video on different players-

Window Media Player

You may press CTRL+SHIFT+G to speed up the video playing on a PC and running on Window Media Player. The speed of the video is increased by around 1.5 times when you press this shortcut key.

VLC Media Player

The shortcut key for accelerating a video on VLC Media Player is just by pressing the + key. To slightly speed up the video, tap it once and to speed it up more, tap it twice.


Use CTRL+K to change the playback speed in Quicktime according to the desired pace. However, many people favor using 1.5 in order to speed up video playback as it is still viewable.

How to skip training videos with the help of different software?

You can skip the training videos with the help of different apps, plugins, and even through coding. You can install various apple on your Android or iOS devices to edit the video and skip the training video part. Some of the apps that you can install on both Android and iOS are FilmoraGo, Vlogit, Quik, Vizmato, etc.

Plugins like the Video Speed Controller can be installed in your Chrome and Firefox to speed up the video. Another way by which you can skip the training video is by using different coding languages like Javascript. 

Are training videos effective?

According to various statistics, you are likely to remember 10% of textual, 65% of visual, and 95% of audio-visual content. Therefore, you should use video learning as it improves self-learning and will hold your interest in learning the new task. If you are using the training video to learn in your corporate training program, keep your video learning sessions brief for the best impact. Administrators should make an effort to limit their movies to five minutes or less. It will help you to grasp it more easily. Each video should only cover one subject.

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What is the advantage of Skipping the training videos?

As discussed above training videos are something that helps you to learn how to do new tasks. This means that they are created for both beginners and masters. Now if you already know how to do the particular tasks, there is no fun in watching the training video. Thus you should skip the training video. It will save you time. If you are watching the video of the task which you are unaware of you can watch that video in a faster mode. It will again save you time and will help you to complete your training video within less time. 

How do you skip videos on Skillsoft?

To skip the videos on the skillsoft you can follow two easy steps-

You can use the skip video button which is shown on the skillsoft playback page.

Another by which you can skip the video on Skillsoft is directly by using the S key.

How do you change the video in the HTML?

There is no specific answer that can help you to change the speed of the video in the HTML. However, there are some ways to alter a video’s pace in HTML. Some of them are like using a video speed controller, adjusting the video’s autoplay or play mode, or using a video editor.

Advantages of online training videos

Following are the advantages of online training videos-

  • When you have a lot of work, you may want to take the extra training when you are free. What’s better than taking an online training video? It will help you to learn new tasks in your free time. 
  • Online training videos, help you to learn all the different skills. You can learn all types of skills that you will need in your career service.
  • If you already know how to do a particular part, you can skip the video. This will help you to save time as well.
  • It will help you to become more productive. You can perform various tasks with more efficiency and effectiveness.

Disadvantages of online training videos

Following are the disadvantages of online training videos-

  • There are very few face-to-face interactions when you are taking online training videos. 
  • Due to the fewer face interactions, there may be less productivity due to the wrong understanding of the content.
  • Not everyone is aware of how to use technology. Thus this may cause a problem for them to learn new skills. 
  • This will not give you the in-hand experience that you will need to do the required work.


Training videos are part of the learning that will help you to learn how to perform the required task. Just like youtube, training videos give you information on how to perform the given task. There are various ways by which you can skip the training video depending on which type of media player you are using. You can also skip the training videos using various apps, and plugins, and through coding as well.

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