What is an e-Learning Developer?

What is an e-Learning Developer? Due to the covid 19, the demand for eLearning developers has been the most popular job title. The jobs based on eLearning developers are in high demand and pursuing a career in this field has been fulfilling the needs of the person. This article will guide you on eLearning development, the skills of eLearning and the experience needed and what are the types of jobs in this field. 

What is an e-Learning Developer?

The eLearning developers are basically hired for creating digital learning content which includes the designing of the content and development. For creating good content they work in a team in which they have instructional designers, subject matter experts (SMEs), and stakeholders all work together resulting in a digital learning solution.

eLearning developers use a variety of tools and software so that they are able to present creative, engaging, and interactive content that is able to meet all the demands and needs of the learners. the skills the eLearning developer includes how they learn and instructional design principles. The demands of the eLearning developer have been increasing day by day as there is an increase in the growth of online learning and they need a professional developer who is able to develop high-quality content. 

The business and organization are also looking for an eLearning developer who has experience in the field. 

What are the responsibilities of an e-Learning developer?

The following are the responsibilities of an eLearning developer:

  • They are mainly responsible for creating the content as eLearning that should be engaging and interactive for which they can use various authorized tools to create the eLearning courses. 
  • The instructional designers are also able to create the storyboard and content outline and then the final role for looking at the product is of the eLearning developer. As they have to turn the product and turn it into an engaging and interactive eLearning course. 
  • They should know how to work in a development team and how to communicate with all the stakeholders, instructional designers, subject matter experts, and the end users of the eLearning courses. 
  • The eLearning developer should have knowledge of different learning theories and instructional design models so that they are able to create eLearning courses aligned with the learning objectives. 
  • They have the responsibility of spending their time being updated on the new technologies and the authoring tools that are used for creating the eLearning courses and how to use the tools for creating interactive and engaging eLearning courses. 
  • The eLearning developer must be able to take feedback from the team members such as instructional designers, graphic designers, and subject matter experts so that by using the feedback they can improve in the area needed. 

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Who does the eLearning developer report to? 

After working with the team which includes the instructional designers, subject matter experts, and the stakeholders for the development process the eLearning developer has to give the report to the project manager or senior members of the eLearning team. An eLearning developer should have knowledge about instructional design, and educational technology and should have technical skills so that they are able to use authoring tools and the software program for creating eLearning content for the course. 

What are eLearning developer skills? 

The following are some skills of an eLearning developer:

  • They have the skills to develop interactive eLearning by using the eLearning authoring tools. 
  • The eLearning developer has the web development skills that are needed in the computer language such as HTML, CSS, javascript, etc. 
  • They should have the skills of programming complex branching, interaction, and Gamified courses. 
  • The skills of editing photos, vectors, and videos whenever it is needed. 

The main difference between instructional design and eLearning development

  • The instructional designers are responsible to handle the tasks of the instructional design but also they are expected to handle some tasks of eLearning development such as analysis, implementation, and evaluation. But the eLearning developers are responsible to handle the task of eLearning development only. 
  • Traditional instructional designers are forced not to spend their time on what they excel at but they are asked to spend more time on tasks in which they may not be skilled enough such as graphic design, programming, and animation. 
  • As there are a small number of instructional designers who have learned all the skills of instructional design as they know the skills that are related to eLearning development. So the international designers’ profession is in high demand as they are able to handle the full eLearning development area. 


A person who wants to be a good eLearning developer should possess all the necessary skills and technical qualities which will be developed by successful eLearning courses. The person is passionate and should have a desire to learn. Whether you are a new developer or a professional every day you have to learn new things and keep growing. 


How to become an eLearning specialist? 

For becoming an eLearning specialist the person needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree. 

What is eLearning development? 

The use of technology that a person can use anywhere and anytime. 

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