What qualifications do you need to Become a Nurse?

What qualifications do you need to Become a Nurse? The student who wants to become a nurse knows that it is a caring preparation and they have to take care of others and help them to feel better in any way. For becoming a nurse the person needs to be highly qualified in the medical profession. This article will guide you about what qualifications a person needs to become a nurse.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a Nurse?

A person who wants to work as a nurse needs to have a nursing degree and to get a nursing degree there are various ways.

  • To get a nursing degree the student Has demonstrated that they have cured at least 2 or more 2 A-levels. Most Universities require a student who has at least two supporting GCSEs with an A grade of C or above and they will also need the science GCSE in a subject such as a Biology or human biology. The requirements of the universities vary from University to University. The student should check all the entry requirements for the university and for the course, they are willing to apply for. 
  • If a person does not have any A-level they can still pursue becoming a nurse for this will need to apply using UCAS points. The range of the UCAS points needed for the nursing degree is from 96 to140 points. And the point can be gained from the following qualification such as:
  1. level 3 in health and social care.
  2. Level 2 common health condition.
  3. level 2 certificate infection control in the Healthcare setting. 
  4. Health and social care level 3.
  • If a student Has an undergraduate degree but it is not done in nursing and later wants to become a nurse for them that student can do a process called an accreditation of prior experiential learning in which they can do their postgraduate course which is being held for two or three years by which they can change their career and become a registered nurse.

What is the duty of a nurse? 

The following are some points which are showing the duties performed by the nurse:

  • The main job of the nurse is to take care of patients who are not feeling good and help them to cure their health as soon as possible. 
  • The nurse needs to record all the medical history and symptoms of the patients.
  • The nurse has to work with the team who plans the patient care calendar with other medical professionals.

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  • They need to keep monitoring the patient’s health and all the symptoms and they also need to record all the new Science and symptoms that they are observing in the patient.
  • The patient needs to follow the care plan of a doctor which is administered and looked at by the nurse only. 
  • The nurses also do the Diagnostic test. 
  • Dinners also make the patient understand the way of healthy living and give them tools that can prevent them from illness.
  • Nurses are also responsible for providing advice to patients whenever they need it. 

What is the salary earned by a nurse? 

If the nurses are working under NHS they are given the pay according to the NHS agenda for changing pay bands. If a nurse is a newly registered nurse working under the NHS pay scale at band 5 they will have a starting salary of 25655 Euro full stop and if a nurse has approximately 2 or 4 years of experience will have the salary of 27780 euros full stop and nurse who has working experience of more than 5 years will have the salary up to 31534 euros.

Also depending upon the profession the nurse chooses to work for example if a nurse is working as a school nurse and their pay scale is at band 5 they will have the starting salary of 32306 euros and if they have many years of experience they will have the salary of 39027 euros. 

What are the Personal qualities of a nurse? 

The following are some Personal qualities a nurse should have in them:

  • The nurse should be a caring and empathic person.
  • They should have good communication skills as they have to communicate with the patients and their families.
  • They should always pay attention to their duty as they have to read the report and also notice the changes in the patients.
  • As the patient has to serve with many problems during the treatment and the nurse should have excellent problem-solving skills. 
  • They should have good stamina and physical fitness as they have to do their job standing and often sometimes shifts are done. 
  • They should have a good sense of humor as during their job they will be physically and mentally exhausted so they should have the talent to find the joy in everything and laugh it out. 


The above mention various ways to become a nurse. The training is also given to them and they are made to learn about management skills, leadership skills. The nurse has a job to treat the patient and prevent them from suffering from other illnesses.


What GCSEs does the student need to be a nurse?

The approx GCSEs grade needed by the student is 4 or 5. and they need to pass in the core subjects.

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